Laika mode

When you choose 1 player you will be put into Laika mode which is inspired by the dog Laika. Laika will appear black and can be a frustrating opponent.


Laika has the ability to very precisely dodge bullets by turning so that the bullet runs parallel with the tank. She is also able to precisely aim bullets so that means you must always keep moving to avoid them. She can fire a laser with deadly precision, meaning that the player must always keep Laika away from laser power-ups. Laika also seems to stop and turn two ways before resuming it's current path. If Laika senses the player during that time, Laika will shoot bullets at the player. It is believed to be to check for players. You can shoot Laika if you are fast enough during this time, Laika will still dodge though. Laika also seems to be vulnerable to steffen mode, where the player shoots bullets rapidly in succession, if the bullets are shoot one second apart, as Laika dodges bullet one at a time. Laika can be caught with a web of bullets. Lakia can also be tricked into firing and being hit by it's own bullets by running in front of it with a wall on your back, then dodging once a bullet is fired and repeating until Lakia is either out of bullets or is hit.

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